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Getting Started

Welcome to the Codemash Cypress Workshop!

To get started, clone the repo and install the dependencies:

Clone Repo and Install Dependencies

git clone

Go into the repo's folder and install the dependencies:

cd cypress-heroes-workshop
npm install

The repo folder contains two pertinent folders:

  • client: An Angular front-end app
  • server: NestJS back-end app that provides the API

Running npm install from above installs the dependencies for both apps.

Start App

The client app is where we will spend the majority of our time. Open the client folder from whatever code editor you wish to use (we'll be using VS Code in this guide), and start the development server:

cd client
code .
npm start

The start script starts up both the client and server apps.

Once done, the app will launch at http://localhost:4200.

Get to Know the App

The Cypress Heroes app is a take on the classic Angular Tour of Heroes tutorial application. The app displays a list of heroes for hire. You can view the hero's contract price, the number of fans (likes) the hero has, and the number of saves (completed jobs). Heroes can be created, edited, and deleted.

The app features a few different pages and several components that provide a good starting point to learn testing with Cypress.

Some features of the app include:

  • Multi-page with several components
  • Authentication
  • API calls to a real back-end
  • Forms

Attempting to click the like or hire icons will result in being prompted to log into the app. There are two baked-in logins, a normal user and an admin user with elevated permissions. Here are the credentials for the logins:

Logging in as a normal user will allow you to like and hire the hero. Notice that when doing so, the number of fans and saves increases (respectively).

You gain access to add, edit, and delete heroes as an admin user.